Longleaf Agency

Biden For PresidentDigital Advertising

Our Job

Truxton Creative, the official paid media vendor for the Biden for President campaign, subcontracted Longleaf Agency on the Biden campaign’s paid media efforts in multiple swing states. Longleaf Agency helped with the high-volume creative demands needed for a presidential campaign and for our expertise and winning reputation in North Carolina.


All Photo Credits: Biden for President — 2020.

Our Work

Longleaf Agency’s responsibilities included digital asset creation, commercial production, and web page development. As a part of the weekly paid media calls, we coordinated with the Biden campaign, Truxton Creative, and other stakeholders to meet the specific production and approval schedules for the Biden for President campaign.

Our agency’s responsibilities also included creating 150 digital assets weekly during the last 12 weeks of the General Election. We were also part of the in-house commercial team that produced over 100 commercials and contributed to the web design team that was responsible for over two dozen website takeovers on Election Day.