Longleaf Agency

ACLU – Charleston County SheriffRadio Advertising

Our Job

Longleaf Agency produced radio ads targeting a 30-year incumbent sheriff in collaboration with the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a nonprofit organization with the goal of protecting American civil liberties. They get involved in political races when they believe the outcome could significantly infringe on the rights of American citizens.


Our Work

Longleaf and the ACLU reviewed the state of the race for Charleston County, South Carolina Sheriff, between incumbent Al Cannon and challenger Kristen Graziano. Together, they created an action plan involving radio ads to reach voters not reached through other campaign channels. Longleaf contributed to the messaging strategy for the radio campaign by defining the issues and talking points that the incumbent sheriff could effectively be criticized for. Finally, Longleaf oversaw the radio placement process, providing technical knowledge for buying radio broadcast spots and selecting the correct stations to reach the target audience.