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We are an energetic and inclusive team bringing together our experiences to win your election, advance your cause, and engage your supporters. We take an approach different than most; we only work with progressive campaigns and causes we believe in. We are a data first company that focuses on using data to drive results.

We have experience working on successful political campaigns from Gubernatorial and Congress to County Commission and City Council. Also, we have worked with advocacy campaigns that focus on issues from elections to ballot initiatives.

From setting up and building your campaign infrastructure, we can provide the experience to run a lean and data-driven campaign. Combining over 20 years’ experience working with individuals across the nation, we have the contacts to help you hire the right people to accomplish your goals.

Longleaf Agency is a full-service firm, with diverse ownership, that provides expertise in fundraising, direct mail, television and radio ads (production and buy), polling and modeling campaign staff, opposition research, policy research, graphic design and much more.